Why I Take All My Notes By Hand And Why You Should Too

Swapping the keyboard for a pen, has many benefits

Why do you even take notes in the first place? Usually it is to keep a record of something you would not otherwise remember. Computers have become increasingly popular for note-taking due to their speed and the options of storage and (for those, like myself, who are cursed with eternal bad handwriting) legibility of the script.

So if my handwriting is so hard to read, so much slower than typing and storing all my paper notes is so much more difficult than using a computer, why am I recommending handwritten notes to you?

You Remember More Of What You Write By Hand

If your intention is to learn, it makes sense to get as much information down as possible, right? Wrong. Studies have found that when you write notes by hand, summarising in your own words, you actually retain more information than when you type the information.

The more deeply you think about something the first time the better you remember it. Whereas simply copying word for word what someone says, involves much less thinking, less understanding and therefore less remembering. Summarising in your own words, requires you to think about it and then translate it into language you yourself understand, this deep process that doesn’t happen in super fast typing is what helps you remember the information.

Writing By Hand Can Make You More Creative

When you type, you hit a few keys, the letters appear on the screen and you’re done. When you use a pen however, you draw funny shapes, each one different from the other, you feel the pen pressing into the paper, you hear the pleasing skrrtch skrrithch of a pen being dragged across the material.

The engagement of multiple senses, motor functions and cognitive functions lights up so much more of your brain than typing ever could. This ‘lighting up’ effect in your brain, allows many more connections between parts of your brain, allowing creative thoughts to flow. Essentially, typing is the same movement over and over, but handwriting involves seeing, hearing, feeling, moving and thinking.

Writing By Hand Is Relaxing

The slow pace of handwriting that I mentioned before, not only allows us to remember more and think more creatively, it turns out, it even soothes you. Modern addictive technology combined with the constant availability of such tech means we can be stimulated at all times of the day. If we want to be, we can be distracted endlessly. This seems fun at first but it is not good for us. In a world where we never stop, we never relax.

Handwriting is tech-free, it’s totally analogue and very slow, this combined with it lighting up all those different parts of the brain, mean that handwriting has similar benefits for the brain as mindfulness. It allows your mind to rest and recover from the barrage of notifications, videos and texts or just whatever has stressed you out that day.

I’m sure there are many other benefits of writing by hand, but these are just some I have read about. If you know anymore or disagree, please let me know in the comments.

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