The Worst Way To Start Your Day

I personally hate the news and tend to avoid it when I can. It just brings me down, makes me feel like the world is in a terrible state and that everything is awful. I suddenly realise how dangerous it is to be alive and that is only a matter of time before we are all killed off by superbugs, the NHS collapses and Brexit tears our country apart.

I used to think I was being overly sensitive and maybe things weren’t that bad after all. Then I would catch the news just before a show I wanted to watch and suddenly the world was ending, people were dying and the internet wasn’t safe anymore.

It turns out, I am not alone, watching just 3 minutes of bad news in the morning makes you 27% more like to report having a bad day up to 6-8 hours later. Sadly, most news we receive is bad news as this sells better and most news outlets aim more to sell than to inform, they’re businesses after all.

How Can You Stay Informed Without The News Getting You Down?

If you feel it is your duty to stay informed, I respect that. But if you want to stay truly informed, you may have to balance your news sources a bit. The news on TV, the web and newspapers is up-to-date, but it isn’t an accurate portrayal of the events around the world. It is mainly the worst parts of what is going or can even be skewed to make it seem more negative than it actually is.

Try Reading a Book

David Cain recommends not watching the news at all, but rather he recommends taking deep dives into books, that offer more balanced viewpoints. The news can give you wider coverage of the worlds events, but you only ever get surface level knowledge that can be explained in little segments. If you read a heavily researched, unbiased book, you could critically analyse the information and create your own informed opinion.

You don’t need to know everything that is happening in the world at any one time and it would be impossible to do so. Better instead to actually understand fewer topics more deeply than hear about many stories without actually understanding the big picture.

Add Some Positivity To The Mix

If you still like to get your news in small bites but don’t want the negative mental health effects of the most common news outlets, you can combat the negativity with a little positivity. Some news sources prefer to focus on what good we can do for the world, rather than the classic British attitude of moaning and getting on with your day. Vox’s Future Perfect offers stories on how we can do better for the world in real actionable ways, see their introduction here and feel inspired.

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