How Your Phone Spies on You

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Have you ever had a conversation with a friend about the latest iPhone, only to see adverts, on the web later?

How could your phone know what you were talking about earlier? It feels creepy, like you’re being spied on.

The truth, is that you are giving so much data to Facebook and Google by using your phone, that your phone doesn’t need to listen to what you say.

They have so much data, they can predict what you like to buy or search for.

How Facebook and Google Stalk You

Facebook and Google have access to you all over the web.

In 2017 Google had trackers on 75% of the top million websites in the world, Facebook had 25%. Both those numbers have increased since then.

When I talk about trackers I am referring to Tracking Pixels or Spy Pixels. As the name suggests they stalk you.

Tracking Pixels are invisible pieces of code in emails or web-pages you visit. You won’t even know they’re there.

These Tracking Pixels follow you to other websites, reporting back to their parent company, which sites you visited, what you did, how long you were there, what device you were using, where in the world you were… The list creeps on and on.

Google and Facebook’s services are free to use, because you are the product. They sell your data to companies who want to sell you things or change your worldview.

Your data can be sold to anyone who wants to use it.

This is an invasion of your privacy and an attack on your human right own your data.

Over the course of this series of posts I will explain in depth, why.

From marketing products to using your data to manipulate you.

How To Stop Tracking Pixels

DuckDuckGo’s plug-in for your browser (Chrome or Safari etc) blocks trackers. Their mobile app blocks Spy Pixels when you browse the web too.

Using a VPN can also help hide your location and what you are looking at on the web. This link also explains the benefits of VPNs. I will write more about these at a later date.

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